If Prof. Einstein were still alive, this would be his website and YouTube channel! 🙂

MechGeniX is just now starting out and we are doing our best to get everything going, create content and all of the thousands of other “must” chores there is in setting up an new endeavor.

MECHGENIX -pronounced MEK-GEN-IKS, stands for Mechanical Genius Extraordinaire.

In the famous race between the Tortoise and the Hare, we may be the Tortoise but we assuredly will get there!

Now- We do understand that this might sound a bit vein, but as we start adding content to, both this website and YouTube, hopefully you will agree. On the other hand MechGeniX on its own doesn’t sound all that bad either and hopefully it grabs your attention and wanting to know more about us. Please, hang tight and give us some time to get everything set up, videos and content produced and added to the sight and YouTube. All of our content is, and shall be, branded with our proprietary logo. When you see it, take a good look. It should portray video, maybe a piston from an engine, and reflect that YouTube is our main video base.

Please keep visiting back often to the MechGeniX website and the YouTube channel. Hopefully you will be pleased with how it progresses. Feel free to contact us with your thoughts, suggestions and general comments.


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google-site-verification: googlec6cbd37afb5b6392.html

Published by MechGeniX

Videographer for YouTube and Business. See our video's on YouTube under MechGeniX.

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